Parenting Skills That Everyone Should Consider

Parenting Skills

Parenting skills involve the process of rearing a child to support psychosocial well being and overall health. While most parents vary in their skill level and skill choices, there are some common elements that all parents should consider when developing their personal parenting style. The following parenting tips are useful to follow when developing your parenting skills.

Listen to your child

All children are individual, and it is important to listen to their needs when developing your parenting style. While some children need a firm hand, others do better when discipline is more lenient. While some children require a lot of attention, others are happier when they are given time to process things on their own. It is always important to know your child and take these things into consideration when thinking about the way you will parent.

Spend Time With Your Child in Family

Going along with the last tip, make time for your child every day. This is sometimes difficult with hectic work and school schedules, but it is very important. Your child needs to feel valued, and they need to know you understand their individual needs. This is only possible if you are spending a significant amount of time with them every day. Read with your child, review homework, take your child to the park or just sit with him or her around the dinner table. This will go a long way toward helping you to understand your child’s individual nature so you can develop a parenting style that works well with it.

Do Not Automatically Turn To Discipline

Children are going to mess up from time to time. They are growing, developing and learning to understand the world. When a parent automatically disciplines a child every time they mess up, a child learns to be critical of their own individual nature. This is not always positive. While it is important to use discipline effectively, take the time to sit down and talk to your child when they do something wrong and give them the opportunity to work through why it was the wrong choice and what different choice they can make next time. When you do this in a non-critical way, it opens up communication and gives your child new opportunities to grow. Even bad behavior not always reason for punishment.

Do Not Be Too Critical Of Yourself

When you are developing parenting skills, it is sometimes to be very critical of yourself. You might not do things the way the experts tell you to do them, or you might not do things the way your parents did or your neighbors do. Understand that this is okay. You are an individual and your children are individuals. You are also allowed to make mistakes, and you have opportunities to correct them. If you understand this, you will feel less stressed about developing your parenting style and that can result in you becoming a better parent.

Take Care Children Health

Don’t forget to check children blood pressure and his overall health.

Parenting skills are important to develop in a way that is unique and respects the individual nature of your child. Take this advice to heart, and give yourself time to grow into the best parent you can be.

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Home remedies for Hair Growth: How to increase hair

Long hair is a desire of many especially women since it makes them look more vibrant and increases their beauty. home remedies for hair growth can be used to help your hair grow faster and in this article you find find few various methods and recipes.

Application of natural oils is the best way of promoting hair growth. These oils help to nourish and moisturize hair and also add shine. Castor oil contains a strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungicidal agent for the protection of the hair and scalp from infection.

Almond oil protects and moisturizes hair. It removes dead skin and alleviates the scalp inflammation promoting hair to grow freely when deeply massaged into the hair.

Rosemary oil is recommended in reducing hair loss. This oil helps in the division of cells and in blood circulation, hence an increase in the growth of hair.

Shea butter does not contain the required nutrients to prevent hair from being brittle and dry, but it helps to seal in the moisturizer that you have used.

Argan oil is rich in Omega 3 and omega 9 fatty acids and this helps to deal with dry, rough and dull hair. It also contains oleic acid and linoleic acids that moisturize and hydrate hair.

For other tips on how you can increase hair by using natural remedies, you can try some ingredients from the kitchen like:

Onion juice-this contains a lot of sulfur, which helps in the production of collagen tissues and these enhance hair growth. Also try the apple cider vinegar that helps in cleansing the scalp and also balances the pH of hair, hence making the hair grow faster.

One can also opt to use the egg mask which has a lot of proteins, sulfur, phosphorus, iodine and which help in the growth of hair. To make the egg mask, mix the egg white with honey and some olive oil about a teaspoon into a paste and apply it on hair and rinse with water and shampoo.

Potato juice can also be used to enhance hair growth; it can also be a good remedy when you have a problem with thinning of hair.

You can also use coconut milk since it contains a high level of proteins, potassium, irons and many essential fats. Coconut milk helps minimize hair breakage and loss. Henna can also be used since it helps to remove hair dullness and dryness. It not only makes hair shiny but also adds extra color to hair and strengthens the hair root.

Green tea contains anti-oxidants that enhance hair regrowth and also help reduce hair loss.

Another way on how to increase hair by using natural remedies for your hair growth is by eating the right healthy diet. This is by eating fruits, vegetables, fish and meat in plenty. Also, through taking the right healthy fats like omega 3 fats that promote the growth of hair. Also ensure that you include vitamin c in your diet to prevent hair weakness and breakage and help in the buildup of collagen which is responsible for hair regrowth. You should also ensure that you take adequate amounts of zinc and iron for healthy hair.

You should also avoid styling hair excessively for this destroys your hair. Also avoid brushing and combing your hair excessively because this pulls hair off your scalp. Use the correct products when cleaning hair and also trim your hair to remove split ends. These tips will help you have very long, healthy hair.

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What Do I Need To Know About Small Ear Mites in Dogs?

It is true what they say about dogs – they are man’s best friend. They are faithful, loyal, friendly, good companions, always eager to see you, and are fun to play with. When it comes to taking care of your best friend, you want to make sure that they are happy and healthy. With that being said, there come occasions where your dog may develop ear mites; so you may wonder, what are some things I need to know about how to treat small ear mites in dogs?

To begin with, ear mites come in many shapes and varieties, but the most common type is otodectes cynotis, which are little parasites that eat the wax and oils in the dog’s ear canal. These tiny creatures are barely visible to the naked eye and each mite has a three week life span. Parasites such as these irritate and inflame the external and internal ear canal and if not treated is started, it could possibly lead to more serious infections. The sign of a more serious infection is a dark discharge that can actually obstruct the entire ear canal.

Ear mites are very contagious among dogs and are easily passed from pet to pet from minimal contact. If you think your dog may be suffering from ear mites, you might notice symptoms such as excessive shaking of the head or scratching and rubbing of the ears. They also may have a black or brown secretion that has a waxy texture, strong foul odor, inflammation, or obstruction of the ear canal.

In some severe cases, all of the scratching and shaking of the head from the dog ear mites can cause the blood vessels inside the dog’s ear flap to rupture which will make the ear flap look swollen and is painful for the dog. This condition usually requires surgery to fix. Learn how to treat small ear mites in dogs at

If you think your dog has ear mites, the first thing you should do is take them to the vet to get checked out. They can sample the discharge and use a microscope to get a correct diagnosis. If your pet does have ear mites, they will prescribe a medication that is applied directly in the ear. Occasionally, the vet will first have to clean the ear of the debris and infected tissue.

The bright side of this whole issue is that your dog will start to feel better pretty soon after the medication is started. However, as with all human medication, it is important to give your pet the whole prescribed treatment and also to treat any other pets living in the household.

There are a few ways you can prevent small ear mites in dogs; one way is by cleaning their ears once a month. Also, if you have just treated your dog for these parasites, make sure that you also wash their bedding to prevent reinfection.

In conclusion, none of us wants to see our pets suffer or be uncomfortable. So if we were unable to prevent infection, perhaps some of these tips about canine ear mites will help reinfection later down the road.

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Uses for Castor Oil: Wrinkles and Hair Loss Treatment

Uses For Castor Oil at home

The castor bean, from which castor oil is produced, is also the source of one of the most dangerous poisons in the world called ricin. However, by the time you get your castor bean oil from your local health food store it is safe, and ready to be used for hundreds of different beneficial remedies that have been documented by man.

Originally native to the tropical areas of Africa and Asia the castor bean is now a common garden and landscape plant used in every part of the globe. It is the size of a small tree, but considered a shrub, in the northern hemisphere’s it is an ornamental annual plant that is also sometimes planted indoors as a houseplant.

The sap of the bean is poison and also very caustic, as are most of the members of this family of beans. Many people are also highly allergic to pollen. However, after the beans are processed they are no longer dangerous and there is extensive use of them in medicine, cosmetics, plastics, polyurethane, lubricants and manufacturing processes. The leaves of the castor bean plant are shaped like stars and considered being attractive, plus the plant has beautiful flowers that bloom several times per year.

Common uses for that oil including treatment of backaches, sore knees, sprained ankles, stretch marks, acne, baldness, and even wrinkles caused by old age. Will go over just a couple of uses, such as sprained ankles, and wrinkles so you can get an idea of just how to use it.

The best way to use castor essential oil in the treatment of a sprained ankle is by using what is called a castor oil pack. It is made from a fairly large piece of felt folded into a square and then soaked in cold pressed castor plant oil, which can be purchased at your local health food store. Then the pack is placed on your sprained ankle, then covered by a piece of plastic garbage bag, and then you put your heating pad on high and leave it there for up to an hour. This treatment has been shown to help in the speedy recovery of sprained ankles, sore knees and other joint pains. It can be done four days in a row with a day off and then four more days in a row, until the pain has subsided.

Another great way for how to use castor plant is in the treatment of wrinkles, caused by old age. This essential oil naturally has many antioxidants that help in the protection of your skin from the oxidizing agents of the sun, air pollution, and the results of a poor diet. This natural oil also helps cleanse and moisturize your skin, it is a natural oil made by mother nature and a very effective moisturizer. Castor also helps to increase blood flow in the skin where it is applied, and the increased blood flow brings more nutrients and oxygen while hauling away toxins and carbon dioxide, leaving your skin more radiant, healthier and fuller which helps decrease your wrinkles and fine lines.

You can find lot of additional information about uses for castor oil at website. It is a plant of many uses over hundreds of years and new uses are being found daily.

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Overview on Teenage Drinking : Why They Need to Stop Drinking

Alcohol drinking is a common form of relaxation and enjoyment to many teenagers due to it’s easy availability and low cost. Many teenagers inherit this habit from their parents and older siblings. Researches indicate that most teenagers who come from families that indulge in alcoholism start drinking at a very tender age. This comes along with many dangers including;


Car accidents are the leading cause of death among many teenagers. Thousands of teenagers drive under the influence of alcohol which visually impairs them leading to accidents that could have been avoided. Teenagers do not have a control of their drinking, not realize what they really need to stop drinking alcoholic beverages and most drink alcohol excessively. Alcohol also affects their reaction, judgement, multitasking and right decision making . This makes it very difficult for teenagers to drive but they ignore not minding the repercussions.


Having drunk too much, most teenagers loose their morals and start engaging in sex and mostly unprotected sex. Young kids as young as 11 start engaging in sexual activities once they start drinking. Alcohol introduces kids to many friends who form small groups that arrange parties and drinking sprees. This exposes them to the dangers of unprotected sex like STD’s, teenage pregnancy and other forms of drug abuse like marijuana, heroin and cocaine.


Drunk teenagers commit both minor and major crimes. Some of the minor crimes include brawling and fighting, public disturbance and self harm or injury. Some form small gangs that start terrorizing the community. Many teenagers arrested for crimes like drug abuse, stealing, raping and kidnapping are always influenced by alcohol. Alcohol ’empowers’ them and they gain extra courage to commit the crimes. It’s one of the most important factors why teenagers need to quit drinking alcohol.


According to, many teenagers who have adopted the drinking behavior get very low grades in school. Most come to school suffering from hangovers, others do not complete assignments, and many do not care at all. Their minds are always occupied with plans on how they will party and drink themselves out. They care less about their education as they find comfort in alcohol.


Excessive consumption of alcohol have been proven to cause cirrhosis which is a liver disease that is characterized by the scarring of the liver. This is a very serious liver disease that can cause death. Exposure of alcohol to the brain may cause alcohol addiction or long term intellectual effect on the brain. Consumption of alcohol also dehydrates the body.

Parents should talk to their kids and ask them to cease drinking once they notice signs indicating alcohol drinking behavior. For additional information about stop drinking, please check Alcohol Detox Magazine.

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Identifying Skin Rashes In Children: Tiny Red Dots On Skin

Skin rashes in children are simply reactions to something else that is going on. Things like adverse reactions to drugs, infections, allergic reactions, or skin disease can all be the underlying causes of rashes on the skin of our kids. There are many different agents that can cause skin rashes and red dots on skin in children and due to the fact that the skin can only respond in certain ways, it is not always easy to determine what is actually causing the rash.

Many times the symptoms in addition to the rash can help to diagnose the cause, such as tick bites, fever, exposure to other sick children at home or at school, recent use of antibiotics, or immunizations. Rashes that are caused by viruses normally do not harm the child and will disappear in time. Some childhood rashes can be serious, and they should all be seen by a doctor if they persist, because an exact diagnosis always needs to be made to rule out more dangerous or life threatening rashes.

Rashes can be simple irritations of the skin due to external influences and can go away in short order, or they can be life threatening, and anything in between. In many cases it is hard to tell the difference between the serious and the simple rash that will go away in a day or so. Most childhood rashes are a common occurrence and often not much to be concerned about, as they will go away on their own. On the other hand, if the child develops a fever, or seems unwell, you should take the child to a doctor for evaluation.

Some common diseases that cause a rash are worth noting so they may be dealt with accordingly.

Chicken Pox is still a common occurrence in children and it causes a rash of red, itchy, fluid filled blisters, that eventually crust over and form scabs. The scabs can be located in a small area, or they can cover the whole body.

Measles is not so common anymore like it used to be due to vaccinations, but it still is one to watch for with its red, blotchy spots with a high fever, and the child should see a doctor as soon as possible.

Eczema is a long-term condition that causes red, itchy patches of skin that cracks and becomes sore. The type of eczema that is the most common is called atopic eczema, which occurs behind the knees or on the elbows. This is not very serious, but can be uncomfortable.

Impetigo is one of the more common skin conditions that is caused by staph or strep, is contagious and produces blisters and sores on the face, neck, hands and the diaper area. Good hygiene can help to prevent the disease and an antibiotic cream is prescribed to clear it up.

There are many other skin rashes in children that will flare up from time to time, and keep in mind that even though children can get these rashes quite often, most of them are not serious, and they recover rather quickly. You can read more about red dots on skin at website.

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